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What's Main features of PET?

Crystal clear
PET is crystal clear with light transmission instead of reflection, so the PET bottle looks sparking and the content in it looks pure and healthy. It attracts attention of customers and gives a brilliant glass-clear presentation of your products. PET complies with international food contact regulations, products in the PET container taste good.

PET bottles are tough and virtually unbreakable during production, storage and transportation. If they do fail, they split, not shatter.

Favorable barrier
With the resin barrier or coating barrier, PET's permeability to oxygen, carbon dioxide and water lowers, which means it protects and maintains the integrity of products and gives a good shelf life. In addition, PET also offers excellent chemical resistance of any polymer used for package today.

A 0.7-liter glass bottle weights more than its content, while 10% weight of an equivalent glass pack, PET bottles reduce spoilage and transportation fee by about 30%. High strength, low weight PET bottles can be stacked as high as glass.

No leakage
Absolute closure is possible because of the injection molded neck finish. The absence of a weld line in the base means that PET bottles don't leak.

With the voice of environment protection is higher and higher, PET fit the bill perfectly. Used PET bottles can be granulated into flakes and reshaped as PET bottles or employed as material for clothing, carpeting, fiber filling, etc. Specially designed thick-wall bottles can be refilled and reused. PET contains no toxic substances. When burned, it produces carbon dioxide gas and water, leaving no toxic residues.

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