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Industry News
Development of China Machine Tool Industry Is Rapid

The development of machine tool accessories industry was highly concerned and valued. As the most important industry in the industrial development, its success or failure affects the development lifeline of national economy.

With the development of machine tool cip industry, machine tool accessories industry needs supporting products to match with it, and it should keep up with the pace of the machine tool industry. The machine tool bag making machine industry competition is fierce, and so does the machine tool accessories industry, but the vicious competition will bring darkness to the pvc fitting industry eventually, so the machine tool accessories industry need a fair and healthy competition.

Although the status of China's slitting machine tool function unit has improved and appreciated from small pieces and supporting pieces to key positions, but it still battles against the current and develops hardly in the environment of valuing machinery above supporting products, and foreign products above domestic products. The attention on function unit is insufficient, which result in the difficulty for China machine tool industry to go to a higher level, purchasing function unit from abroad will only make China's plastic valve industry uncompetitive.

China's rolling functional unit industry is a native national construction machinery industry, it has 40 years development history, although the industry is small, but there are a number of key enterprises that grew up from the National Battle of Precision Machine Tool in the 1960s. The production scale, hardware and other aspects are as good as foreign counterparts. Coupled with a number of new machines enterprises that have emerged in recent years, the industry competition is getting more and more intense, and a well and fair competition environment should be supplied for the blow molding machine accessories industry. So it can promote the industry to have further development.

In recent years, with the rapid and steady development of national economy, the demand of construction machinery manufacturing industry revitalization, the whole manufacturing industry technology upgrade and the national defense modernization is increasing, driven by the rapid increased fixed assets investment, China machine tool accessories market presented the situation that both production and marketing are thriving, the CNC machine tool that represents the advanced level of equipment manufacturing begin to increase production under this favorable situation. The drive of the strong blow molding machine market demand has promoted the situation that both production and marketing are thriving to appear in China machine tool industry, and the machine tool accessories industry is even more powerful under strong demand and struggle to move forward.

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The Analysis of The Global Mold Market Power

A few years ago, almost 60% of the molds in the world are produced by European and American countries. But in recent years, with the development of Asian construction machinery market, the proportion of Asia-made mold is growing constantly, and the Chinese molds are also entering into the world stage. For the past few years, the foreign capital enterprises have increased the investment volume in China mold industry, at the same time the trend that the mold manufacture transferred from the industrial developed countries to China become clear. So China is becoming a mold world power. But the status of the U.S. mold industry is sill admitted as number one.

Nowadays a new round of industrial restructuring is going on in the world, some slitting machine manufacturers are gradually transferred to developing countries. Japan's mold production accounts for about 40% of the world sum, bag making machine ranking first in the world, and there are a large number of molds exporting to foreign countries every year. Since the competition in the mold market is increasingly fierce, the Japanese mold industry is trying best to reduce their construction machinery production costs.

Mold industry is an industry with high labor cost. Japanese labor cost is as dozens of times as China and Southeast Asia, and more than 70% of the human costs are non-core technical staff. Therefore Japanese mold industry is gradually transferring the low technical molds to low-cost regions to produce, only high-tech products are manufactured in Japan. Secondly the major blow molding machine companies who use Japanese mold in Japan have the trend to speed up shifting abroad, which lead to the reduction of their native machines use volume.

With the development of pvc fitting industrial globalization layout, the proportion of mold industry in American industrial total output value presents a constantly declining trend, but the United States mold still hold an important plastic valve in the world high-end mold products market.

As one of the major manufacturing countries in the mold, Germany has the leading technology in blow molding machine manufacturing. They also have the world leading manufacturing technologies of auto, shipping, etc. With the influence of the upstream industry demand, Germany mold stand a much important position in the cip world. It is expected that Germany will not give up the mold-manufacturing field since the high-tech manufacturing industry is to be the foundation for building their country, therefore they will strengthen the research and machinery development of high-tech mold.

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The Expectation of China's Nuclear Valve

China's valve industry has developed rapidly, now a much perfect system has been formed with personnel training, scientific research, product development and manufacture. Except for a few special products, the variety and quantity of existing products can basically meet the national economic needs, showing great potential and advantages.

1. China has patent for certain valves. Such as fully enclosed electric gate valve used for Nuclear Island (NI), which designed and manufactured by China. The valve uses a special electronic gear and rotary-straight motion drive with no fillers, so it has a positive significance for operating slitting machine safely and simplifying the maintenance of the system.

2. China has made some progress in the following step of foreign advanced technology. Now China has the ability to design and manufacture sodium-cooled fast valves for breeder reactor, and also can check and repair part nuclear valves for foreign nuclear power plants. Particularly a breakthrough has been made in the development and production of low flow resistance valves for residual heat removal system and nuclear power plant reactor.

3. The localization degree of nuclear power field is improving continuously, which is favorable for enhancing the valve setting ability. In order to reduce the cost of nuclear power, China actively promotes the localization policy for major equipment of the nuclear power cip industry. As for the nuclear valve enterprises, on the basis of striving for the support from national industrial policy they should increase their independent research and development and collaboration with foreign blow molding machine manufacturers. Therefore, they can achieve a breakthrough in valve actuator, control and transmission devices, and settle the bottleneck problem that restricts the improvement of valve performance.

4. The manufacturing management level of the plastic valve industry is increasing year by year. Nowadays, many Chinese pipe fitting enterprises are improve their quality management level through the serious quality system certification, national nuclear safety certification, etc; they increase the production capacity by constantly introducing new equipments such as CNC machining center, automatic welding production lines; and they improve the performance testing level on safety hose, throttle valve, steam trap valve and pressure reducing valve and other special valve through establishing the integrated bag making machine test center of various valves and special test circuit.

5. In order to achieve the goal of localizing China's nuclear valve ultimately, China pvc fitting industry can strengthen the cooperation with the foreign nuclear valve enterprises, and make good use of their advantages of advanced technology, capital and management, to increase their own blow molding machine technical strength and management level, improve the testing and checkout system.

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A Revolution Will Be Brought into Food Packaging Machinery By Chinese Automatic Shrink Packing Machine

With the plastic packaging has been increasingly popular for a lot of alcohol and beverage manufacturers, the demand for packing machine also shows an upward trend. In order to meet this circumstance of the current domestic market, the Economy Automatic Shrink Packaging Machine has been developed successfully on the basis of sufficient investigation in domestic and foreign markets, also the absorption of mature foreign technology.

Now this combination of degradable PE slitting machine packaging is gradually becoming the new favorite of the market. Here are some advantages of Green Combination of PE film packaging as follows:

First, it takes full advantage of the scalability of packaging materials which is more secure by wrapping the package tightly to become one in order to avoid mutual friction and collisions. Second, the Green PE film is a biodegradable material and green packaging that will not cause pollution but can save a lot of Paper Packaging materials. Third, blow molding machine can reduce the production cost greatly. Fourth, it is in line with the national policy, therefore finds a way for some middle and low beer and beverage plastic valve manufacturers, who cannot strapping the machines products because of the policy’s ban, while it’s clearly not necessary to use the high-cost packaging.

It seems cip that the appearance of Fully Automatic Shrink Packaging Machine will bring a revolution to food packaging machinery. And we believe that more advanced technology would bring out more and better food packaging machinery to service the substantial pvc fitting customers.

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The Electric Valve Has Become the Mainstream of China's Valve Market

The industry insiders said that in the industrial process the valves are most used to control the flow and flux of various liquids such as water, oils, chemicals, etc., according to parameters of temperature, pressure and flow. The general-used control valves in factories are pressure reducing valve, pneumatic fixed temperature valve, solenoid valve fixed temperature system, constant temperature control valve proportional system, temperature control valves and other types. In the selection of various types of automatic valves, in order to achieve economic and practical purposes some blow molding machine factors should be considered including the type of heat engine, the required accuracy, the quality of control valve, pressure drop, flow and structure, the failure rate, valvemanufacturers credit and after-sales service.

As for the plastic valve, it’s a cost-effective choice for practitioner because of its advantages of easy-fitted, low failure rate and the accordance with the industrial hose automation needs. Because the conventional pneumatic valve and bag making machinemust matched with pipes, solenoid valve and compressor, while the electric valve is driven by motor, easy to pvc fitting install, and can be installed with the original robotic factory line, which could save other slitting machine costs. In addition, the opening and closing can be smooth-going by the pipe fitting motor-driven way without the shortcoming of immediate excessive momentum, so the failure rate can be substantially reduced.

Many people think that the cost of using electric valve is high, on the contrary, if calculated from the holistic basis, the traditional valves should plus the cip installation cost of many accessories and pipelines, therefore the price is not dominant but even undertaking more maintenance costs.

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