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Stretch Blow Molding Machine
RB Series Rotary Stretch Blow Molding Machine

Mega machinery Mold is China professional stretch blow molding machine manufacturer, supplier and maker. The RB Series rotary stretch blow molding machine is the latest machine developed by Mega Machinery. This newest stretch blow molding machine is the result of the dedication of our research and development team. Our teams’ commitment to efficiency runs throughout the new Rotary stretch blow molding machine design, as an example the new RB series requires less power due to a closer pitch at the pre-heater. Furthermore, because of the Optimized clamping system, the machine operates at a wider rage and improved kinematics push output rates to 18,000 bottles per hour per cavity for a 0.5L water bottle application. blow molding machine for the edible oil bottle
EB Seires Electric Stretch Blow Molding Machines

EB Series is the latest linear designed Electric Stretch Blow Molding Machine after Mega's years R&D. Thanks to the variable pitch unit, synchronized heating system and high speed clamping design, 10 cavity machine makes 0.5L water bottles 12,000BPH. The Linear EB series costs up to 50% less than an equivalent rotary blower.
MG-SS Series Automatic Blow Molding machines

MG-SS Series Automatic Blow Molding machines is the first stretch blow molding machines which adopt separating system in China, Mega Machinery obtained the patents for its separating system which it reduces energy cost by up to 30 % with the international output of 1500BPH (one cavity stretch blow molding machine). This series has 4 models which are MG-SS1500,MG-SS2500,MG-SS3500 and MG-SS4500.
MG-E series Economical PET blow molding machine

Mega has rich experience to design various reheat stretch blow molding equipments. After years of R&D, now we introduce the latest MG-E series to the market. The MG-E is an economic two stage automatic stretch blow molding machine, which is mainly designed for the PET and PP stretch blow bottles. The MG-E consumes less power due to optimized machine layouts and patented the Preform heating system, so the end of user can achieve maximum profit in today's competitive bottle molding market.
MG Series Automatic Stretch Blow Molding Machine

MG series stretch blow molding machine is suited for small and five-gallon sized bottles. The most popular model in this series is the MG-3000; it fits to blow a wide variety of mineral water bottles, edible oil bottles, and detergent bottles made of PET. This series has a unique preform feeding system and bi-oriented blowing technology. It is the key to shaping high quality plastic bottles. stretch blow molding machines, bottle molder, PET blowing machine, blowing machine, stretch blowing machine, PET bottle blower, stretch blow molding machine, blow moulding machine, bottle blowing machine, stretch blow molding machine, stretch blow moulding machine, pet stretch blow molding machine, pet stretch blow moulding machine, blow moulder, blow molder, stretch blow molder, stretch blow moulder, bottle making machine

PET Heat Resistant Automatic Stretch Blow Molding Machines

MG-HR heat resistant series stretch blow molder is presented for hotfillable PET bottles, such as fruit juices, isotonic drinks and RTD tea. The machines are special designed for heat set PET bottle. HR series adopts multiple blowing steps to reduce the level of PET residual stress.

Thanks the ideas of our president Mr. Cai Yuansen, hotfillbottles are able to withstand temperatures ranging from 90°C (hot filling bottles stored before filling ) up to 100°C (blowing and filling in line ) without any deformation at all. This is an incredible success in the hot-filling beverage domain.

PP Series Automatic Stretch Blow Molding Machine

MG-PP series stretch blow molding machine is dedicated to the production of pharmaceutical packaging. Today PP is used widely for pharmaceutical packaging, where PP's chemical resistance and suitability for steam sterilization prove a winning combination. At Mega Machinery, after two-years' testing on BOPP, the second generation of BOPP blow molder is presented. According to the properties of PP material, the specialized preform oven makes sure of the quality of the final BOPP bottles. blow molding machine for the edible oil bottle

Semi-Automatic Stretch Blow Molding Machines

Mega Machinery has rich history of manufacturing semi-automatic PET stretch blow molding machines. After decades of technical update, some machines have been out of sight while some machines have been improved up to the latest level. With those years' operation, Mega Machinery has paid huge attention on Automatic Blowing Molding System, however semi-automatic blow molding machine including MG-880, MG-90 and MG-5IIB still play a very important role in the plastic bottle market. MG-5IIB in particular is designed for LUHUA GROUP to blow peanut oil container. The machines are widely used to produce PET, PC, and PP container for carbonated drink, mineral water, edible oil, pesticide and cosmetic, and also for making jar and hot filling container. The container ranges from 5gallon bucket, lampshade to eyes drop bottle. stretch blow molding machine, linear stretch blow molding machine
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