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Mega Machinery launches the newest linear automatic blow molding machine in 2006. This seires of machine was designed by two principles which are to lower the running cost for the customers and it is designed to be operated easy. MG-SS Series blow molding machine helps you to get the highest performance for your competitive bottling market, it reduces your engergy bill by up to 30 % with maximum output of 1600BPH. Thanks to our president Mr. Cai Yunsen brought the idea of the separating system and blocks units for MG-SS series.
The MG-D series is double stage extrusion blow molding machine for containers from 5ml up to 18L, their high level of reliability, excellent efficiency and flexibility to meet varied customer requirements. The machines process a variety of materials, including HDPE, LDPE, PP, PVC, TPU, PETG and other materials. Compare to the S series machine, The D type of machine has faster production rate in an hour. MG-D machines cover the complete production scope starting from the smallest ampoule or tube to beverage packaging, cosmetic containers, large mouth containers and multiple layers with view stripe line containers.
Mega Machinery offers series of plastic injection molds to turn your plastic product design conception into reality, such as following products: PET prefrom mold, closure mold, stretch blow mold, Auto & Motorcycle Accessories mould, fruit box, storing container, and other Household appliances mold.
Mega Machinery’s PET series injection molding machine has unique design. It perfect fit our PET preform molds. Special screw designs are optimized for perform production, ensuring the quality of melted PET and reducing acetaldehyde on preform.
MG-Series Filling machines are mainly used in the beverage filling domain. The three functions of bottle rinsing, filling and capping are composed in one machine. MG-Series fillers are the best suited for filling liquids with low to medium viscosity. It also could be used in hot filling if adding the special temperature controlling device. The filling operation is faster and more stable because the micro pressure filling system is adopted.

The following equipments are related with plastic closure, In order to prolong the shelf life of carbonated drinks, normally the manufacturer will choose to add one more liner on the cap. The Dropping-plastic Machine is used to form a sealing liner for closure. Mega Machinery has spent years time to study on second generation of MG-2 Speedy Automatic Bottle Cap Dropping-plastic Machine. Now new machine is more reliable, faster, and saves more energy.

As well as MG-3 automatic slitter for cap safety ring Cutting. We adopt new idea for delivery caps into slitter, which is more convenience. At the slitting section, special designed edges are installed, it provides nicer safety ring on tamper proof cap.

Auxiliary Equipments are significant units in plastic molding system. Mega Machinery supply all range of auxiliary equipments for plastic molding.
Mega Machinery is the main source for custom made auto floor mats. We produce car floor mats in a wide variety of colors and materials to meet your needs.

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